Two-year-old Classes
Bible and prayer: Our program will center around God’s love and care for us. Once a month the children will receive a “prayer place mat” or an alphabet Bible verse page. We will have Bible stories and/or devotions each class. We say table prayers prior to snack and The Lord’s Prayer at the end of each class.
Socialization skills: sharing, problem solving, following directions
Small muscle/eye-hand coordination:  gluing, painting, cutting
Colors and shapes:  teaching and reviewing
Music:  singing. instruments, CDs
Listening skills:  books, flannel stories, puppets
Large muscle activities: Occasionally we will go to the gym or go outside to the playground when the schedule and weather permits

Three-year-old Classes
All of the younger classes descriptions to a greater degree, plus:

Bible and prayer: Rather than a “prayer place mat,” the children will receive a Bible verse color sheet with a scripture verse. The verse will remain the same for at least one week to encourage memorization.
Chapel: One day each week the children will have “Chapel Time” where we go to the Sanctuary and listen to a little talk from the Pastor. Chapel Time includes singing and doing sign language with the teachers.
Numbers & letters: Numerals 1–10 and letters A–Z and their phonics introduced
Take home: Papers may be sent home to tie in with lessons and enhance learning

Four-year-old / Pre-kindergarten
All of the younger classes descriptions to a greater degree, plus:

​Numbers and math: Numerals 1–20 and simple math concepts
Colors and shapes: Reviewing
Letter of the week: At least one letter will be focused on weekly and letter phonics taught. Children will learn the proper way to hold a pencil and how to write letters. Show and tell will coordinate with letters to reinforce concepts.
Preparation: Build up the whole child to prepare for Kindergarten
Kindergarten readiness: Evaluation is done during class in February
Conferences: Parent/Teacher conferences in early May

Large Muscle / Tumbling
The main focus is developing large muscle coordination through exercise, movement, and tumbling.

Our equipment includes: balance beam, swing bar, cylinder, wedge, parallel bars, stairs, large mats, 4-in-1 with springboard, etc

Five-year-old / Kindergarten
Same premise as above with the addition of:

Field trips: Plays, pumpkin patch, aquarium, etc
Conferences: Two Parent/Teacher conferences to coincide with two of the three progress reports
Homework: Begin homework packets to encourage study skills and to reinforce work done at school
Musicals and plays: Prepared and presented to the parents
Curriculum: Well-rounded curriculum taught with a multi-sensory approach to meet each child’s needs in their individual learning styles
Main subjects:

Reading and language: phonics, beginning reading skills, comprehension, vocabulary, writing, communication
Social studies: Self, family, community, transportation, communication, world, holidays
Science: weather, seasons, colors, shapes, senses, float and sink, plants, animals, magnets
Mathematics: free exploration, patterning, sorting and classifying, counting, comparing, graphing, numbers at the concept level
Extending our day allows us to add more of the following :

More science experiments, singing, music, large muscle games, math and language games, listening to and writing stories, drawing, painting, plays, puppet shows, cooking, and field trips.

The kindergartners will bring their own sack lunch and be part of the Lunch Bunch program.